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ispell spelling correction

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From: Ben Rosenthal <b.rosenthal1@home.com>
Subject: Re: sco-list: Re: word processing
References: <3a9d5a77.0@katana.legend.co.uk>
<20010301093851.B22212@barryg.mi.celestial.com> Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 20:18:41 GMT Bill Campbell wrote: > ... > >Don't you wish there was a spell checker for vi? If I used vi to write things > >for public consumption I would present a *bad* image. 8-) > > Try ispell. Type ``:!ispell %'' in vi to spell check the current document > (you will probably have to do ``:e %'' after if it makes any changes. > > Bill

Words can not describe my elation!  I just tried this and it worked.  Thank you for
bringing this to me.  It just goes to show,  you CAN do anything  with UNIX.

Ben Rosenthal

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