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LaTex vs. word

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From: rdd@smarty.smart.net (R. D. Davis)
Subject: Re: word processing
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 05:07:27 -0000
References: <3a9d5a77.0@katana.legend.co.uk>
<G9JGGn.5L1@wjv.com> In article <G9JGGn.5L1@wjv.com>, Bill Vermillion <bv@wjv.com> wrote: >I'd classify it far more than a text processor or word processor. >All you had to do is print one or two docs with Latex and you'll >wonder why people live with the ugly outputs of Word. You don't >notice it until you see them side by side. Yes, it's quite a difference, such as the way TeX (for those unfamiliar with it, it's TeX, not LaTeX which actually does the core of the work; LaTeX is just what makes it easier to use TeX, as LaTeX provides macros to make using TeX a simple matter) even measures the spacing of characters to about a thousandth of an inch, IIRC. LaTeX makes writing papers, manuscripts, etc. a pleasurable experience, unlike Micro$loth Word, which does strange things to what one's writing and needlessly (ab)uses huge quanties of memory and disk space.

It may take a little longer to become proficient with using LaTeX, but
the time spend doing so is well worth it; don't believe those who will
tell you that it's obsolete or antiquated; it's actually much more
advanced than what most people consider "word processors."  Try it
yourself and see.  By the way, it's free.

Just my 2-cents worth. :-)

>There are still too many people who think you have to have
>a homogeneous network.  That went away a long time ago.  You
>shouldn't have to change OSes, but you could add another one to
>the mix.

I have no objection to adding various operating systems to my home
network, such as various flavors of UNIX, OpenVMS, RT-11, Accent,
TSX-plus, MacOS, etc... I'd even add CP/M and MP/M if I had an S-100
network card (do they exist?) and a TCP/IP stack for those operating
systems.  However, I find those to be useful operating systems, unlike
that which oozes out from Micro$loths headquarters and pollutes lots
of computer hardware. ;-)

>The only times I've had problems in mixed OS environments is that
>the Apple Mac Word outputs don't always format the same in a
>Winxx environment.  Doc that you'd expect to be formatted in an
>8.5x11 format look more like 9x9.5, and require modification.  At
>least the ones I got from the one shop like that.

Hmmm... when I get Word documents, I just read them with
Emacs... search for a common word like "the" or "and" and it usually
becomes easy to find the actual text of a document.

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