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EPERM error

From: johnd@sco.COM (John DuBois)
Subject: Re: grep usage failure
Date: 29 Mar 2001 04:33:58 GMT
References: <6Rnw6.509728$ge4.181310762@news2.rdc2.tx.home.com>
<VApw6.510583$ge4.181494696@news2.rdc2.tx.home.com> In article <VApw6.510583$ge4.181494696@news2.rdc2.tx.home.com>, Ronald J Marchand <rjmsys@home.com> wrote: +What I am trying to do is embed a typeable string +between two non printable characters. In this case, hex 093109. How can I +set variable b=hex 09 from the keyboard and in a script???

If you're using 5.0.6, you have a grep that understands characters encoded in
$ grep '\00111\0011' /usr/include/sys/errno.h
        ^^^^^ ^^^^^ octal encoding of tab
#define EPERM           1       /* Not owner                            */

For this particular problem, you might take a look at

$ errno 1
          EPERM (1): Operation not permitted
$ errno eperm
          EPERM (1): Operation not permitted
$ errno perm
          EPERM (1): Operation not permitted

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