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Replace 10th tab

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Subject: Re: Shell script question.
References: <8d58e154.0112260154.61df2a30@posting.google.com>
From: spcecdt@deeptht.armory.com (John DuBois)
Date: 27 Dec 2001 00:22:27 GMT

In article <8d58e154.0112260154.61df2a30@posting.google.com>,
Filip Verborgh <filip.verborgh@fidro-zedelgem.be> wrote:
>I would like to replace the 10th TAB (separator between field 10 and
>field 11) by another character (eg. "-").

If you have a recent version of gawk (I forget which version gensub() appeared
in), this can be done in a particularly straightforward manner:

gawk '{print gensub("\t","-",10)}'

"replace the 10th instance of tab with '-' and print the result"

John DuBois  spcecdt@armory.com  KC6QKZ/AE  http://www.armory.com/~spcecdt/

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