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html mail and news gospel

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From: era@eracc.hypermart.net (ERA)
Subject: The Gospel for e-mail and USENET
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 16:18:19 GMT

 The Gospel for e-mail and USENET

 However, thou shouldest know that God did not intend for HTML to be
 sent as e-mail. The lepers at Netscape came up with that abortion of
 an idea when they "tacked on" an e-mail client to their browser. And
 it came to pass that "The Evil Empire"(tm) saw this as a *great*
 idea and just could *not* let NS get ahead of them so they added it
 to their nasty, vermin, that is to mean bug, ridden e-mail client
 LookOut and renamed it "Rich Text E-mail" so as to confuse the
 unwashed masses and lead them into darkness.

 Lo the anger of the godly internet guru's over this cataclysmic
 event is great. Yet the demonic powers that be in Redmond do not
 heed their cries. Sadly the unwashed masses are drawn ever deeper
 into the darkness by the lure of the flesh that is to say HTML
 e-mail. "Avoid it!" cry the Holy Purists ... allow them to lead
 thine self into the light and away from the abomination known as
 HTML e-mail. Let the browser be the browser and the e-mail client be
 the (plain text *only* please) e-mail client and the OS be the OS
 and do not mix them in unholy union.

 It also came to pass that not only did the lepers and demons cause
 e-mail to be made unclean. They seemingly conspired to spread the
 HTML filth to the halls of Holy USENET. The unholy ones decided that
 yea USENET was plain and drab with it's simple text messages (even
 though text is perfectly capable for declaring a point of view) and
 thus the lepers and demons did "tack on" USENET capability to their
 browser software and e-maulers. Thus did the days of evil begin in
 USENET. "Top Posting" and "Rich Text" (aka HTML) posts began to run
 rampant as the unwashed masses discovered "News". The darkness did
 verily cover the 'net. Again do the Holy Purists cry "Avoid it!".
 Heed their cries and allow them to lead thee from the valley of
 death that is to mean "Top Posting" and HTML posting. Let the
 browser be the browser and the e-mail client be the (plain text
 *only* please) e-mail client and the news client be the (plain text
 *only* please) news client and the OS be the OS and do not mix them
 in unholy union.


 Gene Alexander <gene@eracc.hypermart.net> copyright 2002
 The right is granted to copy and share this freely, even add to it.
 Leave the copyright line in place when copying or adding to the
 intellectual concept written above. Also, lighten up, it's not an
 attack against *you* personally. :-)
New users please don't post using HTML, Rules for posting to Usenet:

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