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Mac Os X Apple X11 and Open Office

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From: chris@grierwhite.com (Christopher J. White)
Subject: Re: OpenOffice and XDarwin
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 18:36:22 -0500
References: <blackhole-1F99E9.13480612012003@netnews.attbi.com> 

>>>>> "mp" == MP  <blackhole@foxinternet.net.invalid> writes:

mp> Something has been said about XDarwin? Do I still need it if I'm running 
mp> Apple's X11? If so, what does it do? I'm not a Unix guru. I don't want 
mp> to install something that'll cause trouble later.

mp> How do I get OpenOffice to actually run? The installer said something 
mp> about a script, but I can't find it.

Try this:

1) With Apple's X11 running, select Applications -> Customize.  This 
should bring up a dialog for X11 Application Menu.

2) Click Add Item - this should give you a new blank line hightlighted.

3) Double click in the Name column, type "Open Office"

4) Double click in the Command column, 
   type "/Applications/OpenOffce.org1.0.1/program/soffice"
   (Verify the path is the same for you).

5) Click Done

Then you can start it from the X11 Applications Menu.  This works for
me, and I don't have XDarwin installed.


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