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Network ftp speed

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From: "Centurion" <spam_this@nowhere.com>
References: <YMlX9.20147$8N.2002618@news1.east.cox.net> 
Subject: Re: Network Speed
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:46:11 +1100

"Buck Turgidson" <jc_va@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> Sorry if this is a newbie question.  I have a linux box on a network
> connected with 2 10/100 cards through a cable router.  My brain is
> frozen right now.  Am I getting 100 mbps speed?  I have trouble
> converting bytes to bits, kb to mb, etc.
> ftp: 5242523 bytes sent in 0.46Seconds 11372.07Kbytes/sec.

Here's a table to help you in the future:

   bits   |   k-bits  |  bytes   |  kbytes  |   Mbytes   |  Gbytes   |
         1|      0.001|     0.125|0.00012207| 1.19209E-07|1.16415E-10|
      1000|      1    |       125|0.12207031| 0.000119209|1.16415E-07|
         8|      0.008|         1|0.00097656| 9.53674E-07|9.31323E-10|
      8192|      8.192|      1024|         1| 0.000976563|9.53674E-07|
   8388608|   8388.608|   1048576|      1024|           1|0.000976563|
8589934592|8589934.592|1073741824|   1048576|        1024|          1|

This table is based on the following:
     8bits  = 1 byte
1024 bytes  = 1 kbyte
1024 kbytes = 1 Mbyte
1024 Mbytes = 1 Gbyte

To use the table, find the number 1 in the column of the unit you want to
convert (eg, kybtes - "1" is 4th down) then multiply by the numbers in the
SAME row that correspond to the target unit (column) you require.  So  to
convert kbytes to bits, multiple by  8196.  To convert megabytes to kbytes,
multiply by 1024, etc.

So using your numbers above:

11372.07 x 8192 = bits/second (ie, bps)
                = 93159997.44
                = 93.16 Mbps ie, (bps / 1,000,000)

Now allowiing for packet/network overhead this is about as good as it gets
on a tcp/ip network ;-)



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