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OSR5 extract one package from VOL set

From: Jean-Pierre Radley <jpr@jpr.com>
Subject: Re: custom from remote systems
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 05:23:48 GMT
References: <b0nb6h$1m3$1@perki.connect.com.au>
<20030122210934.B23819@mammoth.ca.sco.com> Bela Lubkin typed (on Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 05:09:34AM +0000): | Stuart J. Browne wrote: | | > > >To configure an 'other' system to serve out Custom packages, what needs to be | > > >done do a non OSR5 system in order to allow it to serve out the custom images | > > >remotely? | | You _might_ get away with replacing /dev/cd0 with a symlink to a remote | CD-ROM device node via NFS. I'm skeptical but it might work. | | > > Couldn't you use FTP (or NFS pointing to the Linux system) to get the | > > images from, for example, the 5.0.6 Release Supplement or the | > > downloaded VOL files from SCO's download site, to install Sendmail via | > > custom? You simply need to get the VOLs onto the system, or into a | > > remote directory that the SCO system can access. | | > I don't think so.. but in any case, I don't like the prospect of ftping the | > volume files on the CD across, given that they are MANY and I have no idea | > which ones are actually Sendmail's. | | In the directory with all the VOL.* files, there are also VOL.*.files | files. `grep` will tell you which of those have to do with sendmail. | It should be just one. You will also need VOL.000.000 and possibly 001, | which is/are the index of the rest of it. Then if you're very lucky, it | might work. I forget whether custom insists on opening every single VOL | file to verify that what the index told it was true, or if it just | believes the index. If it believes the index then the absence of the | rest of the gaggle shouldn't offend it. I've pulled this trick before. You need just 000 and 001 and then whatever contains the package you're after.


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