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Mac OS X disk images .dmg dmg create creating disk images

From: Tony Lawrence <tony@pcunix.com>
Subject: Re: Recent switcher
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 10:58:40 GMT

Pim Versteeg wrote:
> Probably a very dumb question ,but...
> Can anyone please give me a pointer towards some information re mounting
> (virtual) disks. When I download stuff, all of a sudden I see some (virtual)
> disks on my desktop which disappears when I install the apps
> There must be more to this, any assistance would be much appreciated

As others have explained, those are disk image files.

What wasn't mentioned is that disk images are easy to create, both 
graphicallly and from the command line.  Disk Copy 
(Apllications/Utilities) lets you create blank images which you can then 
double click, copy stuff to etc.  Eject by dragging to Trash, then go 
back to Disk Copy and "Convert" it.

Ftom a shell window, the process is a little harder but of course you 
get more control and you can put it in a script that you call whenever 
you need it.

# create a 4MB disk image
hdiutil create -megabytes 4 myimage.dmg -layout NONE
# associate a device with this but don't mount it
MYDEV=$(hdid -nomount myimage.dmg)
# create a file system
newfs_hfs -v Myvol $MYDEV
# diassociate device
hdiutil eject $MYDEV
# mount it
hdid myimage.dmg
# copy stuff to it
/bin/cp /Somefiles /Volumes/Myvol
# eject
hdiutil eject $MYDEV
# compress it and make it read only
hdiutil convert -format UDZO myimage.dmg -o mycompimage.dmg

Tony Lawrence
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