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gunzip File Size Limit Exceeded (core dumped)

Subject: Re: gzip OSR 5.0.7 File Size Limit Exceeded (core dumped)
From: Bela Lubkin <belal@sco.com>
Date: Mon, May 12, 2003 8:56 PM

[reposting article that didn't make it through the mail->news gateway]

ews wrote:

> I am trying to unzip a .gz file that is ~5 gigs.
> when I try: 
> # gzip -dv rwc8.tar.gz
> I get:
> rwc8.tar.gz:            File Size Limit Exceeded (core dumped)
> I have tried this command in bash, ksh, and csh.
> I have also tried such things as:
> # man ulimit
> # ulimit unlimited
> and 
> # ulimit
> unlimited
> # ulimit -Sf
> unlimited
> # ulimit -Hf
> unlimited
> all with the same results, core dump.

The size of an individual file is limited to 2GB in OpenServer.
Presumably you mean that the unzipped size is ~5GB and the zipped size
is smaller?

If you plan to extract the tar file, you should be able to:

  gzip -dc rwc8.tar.gz | tar xf -

The amount of data that can flow through a pipe is not limited to 2GB.
(But it will still fail if any individual file stored in the tar archive
is larger than 2GB.)


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