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switch to/from ansi on the console

From: jboland@sco.com
Subject: Re: OSR6 Console emulation woes
Date: 30 Sep 2005 05:47:50 -0700
Message-ID: <1128084470.698665.146020@g47g2000cwa.googlegroups.com> 
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dsSDF AEW wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As we all know by now, OSR6 went and changed the emulation at the
> console in OSR6.  We lost our scoansi.


Yes, the console behaviour has changed. No, scoansi as a TERM type is
still offered but not for the OSR6 console. You can still login from
any scoansi based terminal or emulator (scoterm on OSR6, OSR5 console
etc) and use scoansi.

> We also lost our ability to print line draw graphics characters.  I have
> a client runnning a filepro app.  The app was about 50% usable with the
> AT386-ie emulation so we set the TERM variable to ansi.

Please note that this is down to a badly behaved application. The
application is hardwired to scoansi from your description.

> Things improved quite a bit however we still get the foreign diacritical
> chars where nice lines are supposed to appear.  On 5.0.x we always did a
> mapchan -n to fix this, which no longer works.
> Suggestions anyone?

Try the following script (written by Doug Ritchie) to switch to/from
ansi on the console to see if this helps.


# Switch the terminal emulation for the console from the default
# "at386-ie" to "ansi", or vice versa
# NOTE: not for use with non-US keyboards!

case "$1" in
       # change console term type
       defadm coterm TERM=ansi
       sed -e 's/^at386-ie/ansi/' < /etc/ttytype > /etc/ttytype.$$
       cp /etc/ttytype.$$ /etc/ttytype
       rm -f /etc/ttytype.$$

       # change console font
       defadm cofont COFONT=pc850

       # remap function keys
       [ -f /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/at386-ie ] || \
           cp /usr/lib/keyboard/strings
       cp -f /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/ansi /usr/lib/keyboard/strings

       # change console term type
       defadm coterm TERM=at386-ie
       sed -e 's/^ansi/at386-ie/' < /etc/ttytype > /etc/ttytype.$$
       cp /etc/ttytype.$$ /etc/ttytype
       rm -f /etc/ttytype.$$

       # change console font
       defadm cofont COFONT=8859-1

       # remap function keys
       cp -f /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/at386-ie


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