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undefined fs_unregister fs_register sco 6

From: "jlselsewh...@my-deja.com" <jlselsewh...@my-deja.com>
Subject: Re: Linking error on SCO6
Date: 20 Dec 2006 05:38:50 -0800
Message-ID: <1166621930.547994.125380@79g2000cws.googlegroups.com> 
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Himanshu wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> I'm facing a problem while compiling Alert Agent on SCO6 and need
> your help. There are two undefined symbols coming during the linking
> process:
> Undefined                       first referenced
> symbol                              in file
> _fs_unregister_ATTLC(int, int, const void *)
> .obj/sco6.ansi/alertagent.o
> _fs_register_ATTLC(int, const char *, int, const char *, unsigned int,
> long, const void *) .obj/sco6.ansi/alertagent.o
> UX:ld: ERROR: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to
> ./../bin/sco6.ansi/alertagent
> make: *** [alertagent] Error 1
> <Himanshu>$
> There is no such direct call in the code but this call exists in the .i
> files. I'm not able to locate the desired library needed for this.
> The same code is getting compiled on SCO5 easily.

I think what is happening here is that you are passing the -f option
to the C++ compiler.  In SCO OpenServer 5,  this had no effect,
but in OpenServer 6, it causes extra memory checking instrumentation
code to be generated, calls from which are then unresolved at link
Take the -f option off of your compile line, and this should go away.

Jonathan Schilling

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