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width of command in ps

Apparently the suggestion below for increasing ps argument width was wishful thinking, see Width of ps arguments

You aren't going to be able to reach this goal. All parts of the OSR5 kernel are built with the original version of the that you see in your /usr/include hierarchy. You do not have sources to rebuild the whole kernel. Relinking the kernel uses pre-compiled objects.

I happen to know that if you _did_ have kernel sources and made the proposed change, (1) the resulting kernel wouldn't boot; (2) if it did, `ps` would no longer be able to make any sense at all out of it (it wouldn't work at all); (3) all sorts of other parts of the system would also fail. The structure you're trying to modify is referenced by kernel- and user-level code all over the system, much of it precompiled and insensitive to changes in the headers on your filesystem.

Changing that field would require moving it into a different structure so that the structure offsets of `struct user' remained unchanged. Users of that field (such as `ps`) would then have to be modified to look for it in the new location.


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In article <8is43j$cv7$1@perki.connect.com.au>,
Stuart J. Browne <stuart@promed.com.au> wrote:
>Is it possible to get more than 80 characters for the COMMAND name when
>doing a 'ps -f'.

No.  From /usr/include/sys/user.h:

#define PSARGSZ         80      /* Space in u-block for exec arguments */
                                /* Used by ps command */

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not true, ps -efww seems to do this in Linux.

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