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linux out of vm virtual memory

You might think this is simple: you either have ram or you do not. But consider fork and exec with one large process replacing another. For a brief period, you have a lot of memory being requested, right?

No, it is not that simple. Read Minimizing Memory Usage for Creating Application Subprocesses for a deeper discussion.

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Peter Alliett <palliett@accurcast.com> did eloquently scribble:
> I seem to have a problem with my Mandrake 7.0 server today.

> It stated giving me the following messages

> VM:  Killing process sendmail
> VM:  Killing process named
> VM:  Killing process syslogd
> VM:  Killing process httpd
> VM:  Killing process ipop3d

> What does this mean and how do I fix it.

VM = Virtual Memory. the kernel ran out of REAL and Virtual memory, and
processes were still demanding more.

To survive this, the kernel goes into lifesaver mode and begins "reaping"
processes somewhat randomly in order to free memory so that it won't crash.
(I think the only process safe from reaping is probably init).

How to fix it?
1> Don't run more on your system than memory will allow.
2> find the software with the memory leak, kill it, and upgrade to a version
without that leak...
3> Buy more memory or add another swap partition.

> Peter

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