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how to use cpio list tape file mark no rewind

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> I have taken the full backup of our sco unix ver 4.2 rel 3.2 server files
> on to a 4/8GB hp tape using the following command
> "find . -print | cpio -ocvB -O /dev/nrStp1"
> it backuped the files on to the tape(i feel so)
> Now i want an listing of the files inside the tape being backed up.
> I usually use the tar command which i am comfortable with. But since the
> total file size was more than 2GB i used the cpio command. Now please help
> me in getting the contents of the tape & to ensure that the command has
> worked.
> I will be very grateful to you.

You should read the man page for cpio- it gives many examples.

First, you are using the "no rewind" device.  You shouldn't be doing that
unless you are making multiple backups to the same type.  Ordinarily you
would use 
"find . -print | cpio -ocvB -O /dev/rStp1"

To list a cpio volume:

If you AREN'T using nrStp1:

 cpio -itv </dev/rStp1

If you are doing multiple sets:

tape rewind
tape -a rfm x (where x is the number of filemarks to skip- see "man tape")
cpio -itv </dev/nrStp1

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