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allocb failed NSTRPAGES exceeded streams memory netstat -m

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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 16:20:25 -0400
From: Tony Lawrence <tony@aplawrence.com>
Subject: Re: I can't find something!

> Hey Tony,
> I am getting this message over and over again until I reboot the system. It
> has popped up for the last three Friday's.
> Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.
> Fri Sep 21 15:14:02 2001
> WARNING: allocb failed - NSTRPAGES exceeded
> WARNING: allocb failed - NSTRPAGES exceeded

You are running out of streams memory- run "netstat -m"- you'll likely see
non-zero amounts in the Failures column.

See http://aplawrence.com/cgi-bin/ta.pl?arg=107566 

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What causes this

Mon May 15 14:46:16 2006: 2020   BigDumbDinosaur

MOstly configuration issues. Occasionally, you may see it if a server is under a very heavy load.

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