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ONStream tape drives

Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc
From: "D. Thomas Podnar" <tom@microlite.com>
Subject: Re: need suggested tape drive replacement for Exabyte 8505 on OS 5.0.0C - plug and play, please!
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 14:49:46 GMT
Message-ID: <9907271049.aa15650@mlitedom.microlite.com> 

Please note the following from the OnStream web site:

There are no plans to support OnStream DI30, DP30, SC30, or SC50 drives
on Novell or Unix servers. 

There are TWO requirements for SCSI tape drives to successfully operate under
Unix operating systems:

  1) They have to support the SCSI communications spec. (obviously).

  2) They have to support ONE of the SCSI TAPE drives specs.
     (this is not so obvious).

The smaller (under 70GB) OnStream products do NOT support a SCSI tape
drive specification (such as QIC-121) that allows them to run and operate
with the standard tape drivers in any operating system.

Although the "SC" models connect to the SCSI bus, they operate in a
proprietary mode and require special drivers, which are ONLY available for

To my knowledge, they are the only SCSI drives currently shipping by
any manufacturer that do not conform to a SCSI tape spec and operate
with the standard Unix drivers.

We have high hopes for the OnStream ADR70, due this fall.  It is supposed
to operate just fine under Unix.

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| > >My informal sense of the DDS tape vendors is that while HP used to have
| > >the highest regard, lately Sony seems to be better regarded.
| > >
| Jean Pierre,
| Whay to think about Onstram 50gig?
| The capacity is there, the price appealing!
| http://www.onstream.com/server/sc50.html
| Michel

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