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scsi disk errors

From: mschalit@pacbell.net (Matt Schalit)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc,comp.unix.unixware.misc
Subject: Re: vxfs problems like: mesg 017: vx_iupderr - /home2 file system inode 1588 marked bad
Message-ID: <3bb1f2b9.3961540@news.sf.sbcglobal.net> 
References: <3bb0b38e.11407779@news.btx.dtag.de> 
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:41:06 GMT

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:01:13 GMT, proORGA-Leimen.without-this@web.de (Peter Michel) wrote:

>I really need help! 

I don't think you *really* need help.  You got it pretty
well figured out, though I don't know if it's a
vxfs question, as versus comp.ibm.pc.hardware.

>  We have an UW2.1.3 box (very stable and fast,
>Ppro200/512) and from time to time we got errors 
>from the adsl-driver (adaptec 2940UW) in the 
>form see subject. 

If you don't lose any data when that happens, and
if it happens rarely, then you could monitor it
for dramatic increases in frequency or number and
leave it at that.

If people are concerned about it or it's causing
problems with data, then throw some money at it.
Scsi problems hate money.

>  Now i tested the drive of /home2 (IBM DCAS-34330W)
>with the  IBM's "Drive Fitness Test" (DFT), codeupdt
>(last Version) and scsitool (last version, too). 
>On all this tools, where i was able to get/show the
>defect-map i have zero defects in the growing list!

Very nice.  And don't expect any either :-)
(with good ventilation and no banging on the PC
while it's running, that is...)

>So my question: what does "marked bad" mean?

  OS can't access it for some reason.

>Is it only in the fs marked?

  I though it was.  I think that's what one of
those other tiny fs's is used for, storing bad area 
information.  Then again, I thought it was for 
"badtracks" not bad inodes.

>My deeper thinging is:
>The errors came up - so my feeling - after replacing the Tanberg SLR4
>with a SLR5 tape and adding a 2.device IBM DNES-309170W to the
>scsi-bus before the 1.drive, with was and is the (only) terminated.
>All other things, like cable devices are the same all the time.
>They are:
>Any ideas, help?
>Thanks a lot Peter

Yes, you just said it.  "All other things, like cable devices are
the same all the time."  Why not try the best scsi cables you can
find.  Use those and see if the problem goes away.  Try a differnt
2940UW.  Want to borrow mine? :)  There's a slight chance that it
could be an intermittent electical failure on the circuit board
of the hard drive somewhere, but that a real longshot.  Try cables,
a different 2940, or patching the OS.

Good Luck,

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