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How to use Windows LMHOST file

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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 19:33:06 GMT
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LMHOSTS can function like Unix /etc/hosts, but also can do much more, such as tell a host where to find its domain controller. On Win98 C:\windows\lmhosts, on an NT system with its root at winnt, it is c:\winnt\system32\etc\lmhost.

You should have an LMHOSTS.SAM, that's a sample that shows all the mysteries of its proper configuration. Here's an example that happens to use an NT server for validation but the SCO server is running visionfs:        NTSERV1  #PRE    #DOM:THISDOM        "THISDOM        \0x1b"  #PRE        SCOSERV1        #PRE

Read the lmhosts.sam file carefully..spacing is critical on that 0x1b line.

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