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Subject: Re: MAXEXECARGS on SCO Openserver 5.0.6
References: <Zb1w7.836294$ai2.64692215@bin2.nnrp.aus1.giganews.com> 
From: spcecdt@deeptht.armory.com (John DuBois)
Date: 07 Oct 2001 23:59:06 GMT

In article <Zb1w7.836294$ai2.64692215@bin2.nnrp.aus1.giganews.com>,
Bus Driver <driver@school.bus> wrote:
>MAXEXECARGS) exceeded by 1 pages
>WARNING: table_grow - exec data table page limit of 25 pages (MAXEXECARGS)
>exceeded by 1 pages
>IS this anything important or can I fix it?

Probably nothing important.  Something tried to execute a command with more
than 100K of arguments.  One common source of this is 'configure' scripts
trying to determine how large an argument space is available.

John DuBois  spcecdt@armory.com.  KC6QKZ/AE  http://www.armory.com./~spcecdt/

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