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hp canaccess printer

A simple way to fix all HP probems is to not use the hp programs. Use Where do I get "netcat" and how do I use it?

From: Jeff Liebermann <jeffl@comix.santa-cruz.ca.us>
Subject: Re: Problems trying to access HP Printer
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:25:15 -0700
References: <Xswy7.92$Gu2.2048@nsw.nnrp.telstra.net> 

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:43:39 +1000, "Greg Hines"
<greghines@bigfoot.com.NOSPAM> wrote:

>Checking that sherbris is on the printer's access list ...
>/usr/lib/hpnp/cfg/canaccess  fomain
>Printer access test failed.  Add sherbris to the
>printer's access list before continuing.

1.  Please do not put useful information below the signature line
(which starts with the two dashes).  Most news readers will not quote
that part for replies.

2.  The error message is bogus.  What's really happening is that SNMP
is not able to access your unspecified printer.  If you're going
through a firewall, that means that port 161 will need to be open to
the printer.  HPNP uses SNMP to get the printer status info.  However,
HPNP can be tricked.  On your unspecified version of OSR5, rename the
program /bin/getone to something else to get it out of the way.  If
HPNP finds that it doesn't have the proper binary to query the
printer, it returns an always read message.  It should work after

Another possibility is that you've tweaked the SNMP R/O community name
on the printer.  Put it back to "public".  Run:
   getmany printer_ip public iso
If you get pages and pages and pages and pages of OID's, SNMP is

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Tue Sep 19 16:09:51 2006: 2470   anonymous

FYI I'm on Sco Unix OSR 5.0.6 and the getone file was in /etc.

Wed Feb 7 22:06:01 2007: 2855   anonymous

Seems some new embedded jetdirect cards have problems. Doing the following:
/etc/getmany printer.ip public iso
will give a few settings and then:
/etc/getmany: error processing incoming pdu.

The ony fix that works for my HP Laserjet 2015n / 2015dn is to rename /etc/getone to something else. The HPNP Verify Network Printer Operation will still fail, but printer can be installed and jobs sent via spooler.

Fri Apr 27 05:58:12 2007: 2976   anonymous

I have SCO OSR5.0.7 and although I have changed the name of /etc/getone printer Hp 1022n doesn´t print

Fri Apr 27 11:22:31 2007: 2977   TonyLawrence

So stop using that hpnp junk and use netcat


Mon Nov 12 01:24:16 2007: 3250   anonymous

It works as long as you're aware of SNMP weirdness. If they can't work out HPNP then it's likely they're going to have trouble setting up a netcat alternative.

Thu Feb 14 16:33:16 2008: 3645   anonymous

Jeff, you're a genius

Fri Aug 30 16:59:53 2013: 12300   JonTice


A customer is using OSR 507, and needed to add a network printer. I was having the same problem as everyone else. I just tried moving /etc/getone to /etc/getone.orig, and that did the trick! Thanks!


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