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apm advanced power managent shutdown power off

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From: Bob Bailin <72027.3605@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: Shutdown Help ME please!!!!!!!!!
Date: 4 Jan 2001 06:18:57 GMT
References: <3A51A288.4D232019@strhold.it> 

Roberto Zini <fred@strhold.it> writes:
> Richard Howlett wrote:
> > 
> > Giovanni Ilari wrote:
> > >
> > > I have a standard PC ATX,
> > > I Have a SCO Openserver 5.0.5a in
> > > When the system go down appear a message like
> > > **** HIT ANY KEY TO PWER OFF ***
> > > The power is on
> > > How can I power off the PC
> > > Pardon for my English
> > 
> > I think you are trying to achieve what Windoze 9x does, yes? In other words
> > to power off the system automatically rather than have it sit at the "Safe
> > to Power OFF or hit any key to reboot". (I can't remember the exact text
> > before some pedant pipes up).
> > 
> > I have to admit that I have not seen this behaviour on a SCO box (and
> > wouldn't want it either) because generally Unix systems are not powered down
> > except for maintenance whereby someone is there to perform said maintenance
> > and they can therefore either reboot or power off the system themselves.
> > 
> > I think you are trying to turn Unix into Windoze! Don't do it :-)
> > 
> I agree with Richard's points; I thought it was possible to
> power the machine off by playing with pwrsh(ADM) but I
> did not notice anything related to a similar procedure in
> the docs. However, I do know that you can use pwrsh(ADM)
> to low-level talk to the BIOS-APM interface by making
> use of the apm subcommand: perhaps someone with a better
> understanding of the BIOS-APM interface could suggest
> the way to actually power the system down.
> Just my 2 cents,
> Roberto
> -- 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Roberto Zini                                  email : fred@strhold.it
> Technical Support Manager -- Strhold Sistemi EDP Reggio Emilia(ITALY)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> "Has anybody around here seen an aircraft carrier?"                
>         (Pete "Maverick" Mitchell - Top Gun)

Make sure you have enabled Advanced Power Management with mkdev apm.
Then, edit the file:  /etc/conf/pack.d/uapm/space.c

The file is self-documenting.  Towards the end of the file, there is a data
structure that lets you specify the power state to enter during various
shutdown events.  Change the line for a normal shutdown to power down the
system.  Relink the kernel and try a sync; haltsys from single-user mode
for a quick test of the power-down feature.  Not all motherboards support
APM properly, and some systems may work with 5.0.5 but not 5.0.6.

Bob Bailin

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