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linux sco emulation

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From: "Mandeltort" <deluxecraft@cns.msglink.net>
Subject: Re: TPUT & xterm-color
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:49:16 -0600
References: <93i9kk$ags8l$1@ID-45120.news.dfncis.de>
<3A5CB211.DD7F979F@aplawrence.com> I received an email from tech support at Caldera. They said that they were aware of problems of that nature and that once the sco purchase was a completely done deal (I guess some parts are still not closed) that they could modify sco to better work with COL (how's that for a product strategy - our client product doesn't work with our server product; so how many can I put you down for?) Just thought you might want to know. Thanx again for the feedback. Regards

"Tony Lawrence" <tony@aplawrence.com> wrote in message
> Mandeltort wrote:
> >
> > I am playing around (a newbie please bear with me) with telnetting into
> > unix (5.05 OS)box from a linux box (COL 2.4). I can access the
> > applications(character based) I need to but the graphics are rendered
> > incorrectly (boxes etc).  Just after login I get a TPUT error saying
> > "unknown terminal xterm-color".  I've explored TPUT, TermCap and
Terminfo at
> > the unix end for the system itself and the application in question but
to no
> > avail. When I export TERM info from the linux end the result is the
same. If
> > anybody has been down this road before and can offer any suggestions,
> > would be great.  TIA.
> It's a mess.  I'm not sure there even is a good solution
> available at the moment, but some things that may help:
> First, you need to understand termcap and terminfo so you'll see
> why exporting TERM wouldn't help:
> /Unixart/termcap.html
> What you need is a termcap and/or terminfo description ON THE SCO
> BOX that will match the terminal you are using on the Linux side
> - either the "linux" console or the "xterm-color".
> Supposedly ncurses will solve this ( see
> /SCOFAQ/scotec2.html#scoterminfo and
> http://dickey.his.com/ncurses/ncurses.faq.html ) but I have been
> told by at least one client who tried this that the results were
> disappointing for his apps, so you might not find that entirely
> gratifying.
> The graphics character stuff has been discussed in this newgroup
> recently, but I can't personally say that any of the suggestions
> worked; Brian White recently posted some info at
> http://www.aplawrence.com/wwwboard/messages/349.html that might
> help with that too..
> --
> Tony Lawrence (tony@aplawrence.com)
> SCO/Linux articles, help, book reviews, tests,
> job listings and more : 

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